#35 [upstream] Meetbot meeting names need to be changed
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by jflory7.

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== phenomenon ==
There are some meetings for CommOps that are saved in møte with an incorrect name. This sorts them under an incorrect team name and is inconsistent with past meetings.

If possible, these meetings should be changed from their current name to just "commops".

  • 2015-10-27/fedora-meeting-2.2015-10-27-16.03
  • ​2015-11-03/fedora-meeting-2.2015-11-03-17.03
  • 2015-11-10/fedora-meeting-2.2015-11-10-17.01
  • ​2015-11-17/fedora-meeting-2.2015-11-17-17.03
  • ​2016-01-05/fedora_commops.2016-01-05-17.02
  • ​2016-01-26/fedora_commops_%282016-01-19%29.2016-01-26-16.56

== background analysis ==
It is known that these changes will break the URLs and all past records of them. For the earliest meetings, this change is definitely necessary so to make them discoverable much later (otherwise they will be forgotten about). The two more recent meetings, I am aware of the need to update our wiki pages and mailing list where needed.

Fixed upstream. Our wiki pages with the relevant logs have also been updated.

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