#32 Fedora Contributors Metrics
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This ticket is sourced from a specific mailing list thread started by @mattdm as a request for some data he would like to see organized.

We aim to answer the following questions:

  • How many core Fedora contributors are there?
  • How many casual but long-term committed contributors?
  • How about the long tail?
  • How does this break down by various project areas?

with data.

It would also be interesting to see the distribution of Fedora community ? Does it follow the 90 - 9 -1 distribution ? Check the mailing list thread for more details

Another interesting hypothesis would include the distribution of voter turnout in Fedora Community

This could also be a possible Outreachy 2016 application task as discussed in meeting on 26-01-2016 here.

Also interesting would be some fedmsg user metrics focusing on the following questions :

Users by Month

1. Number of identifiers never before seen, by month.

1a. Graph is simply new-users-per-month over time.

1b. Additional line on that graph: of those new users, how many also
are active at least once ever again in a different month? (But
count in month in which they first appear)

1c. Additional line: of those new users, how many also are active
in a at least separate months after? (Same.)

Rationale: This will identify if there are times when we gain more new
contributors, and trends in contributor growth. Obviously 1b and 1c are only
valid in retrospect.

2. Categorize users into

2a. "New": only active this month

2b. "Onboarding": also active sometime in prior six months but not before

2c. "Active": active in all prior six months

2d. "Old School": active previously but not in every one of
previous six months.

Graph those four lines by month as percentage of posts that month.

Rationale: another view on new users, but focuses on longevity rather
than growth and looks back rather than forward.

3. Categorize users by activity that month into percentile buckets:

  • "Prolific"
  • "Involved"
  • "Average"
  • "Low"
  • "Single Post"

Graph per month percentage of posts by each percentile bucket. Could also do
a visualization combining with #2.

Rationale: How much are the lists dominated by very active individuals?

The mailing list discussion started by @mattdm is here.

Discussed in 2016-01-26 meeting.

We would like to add this as a project for the 2016 Outreachy potential projects list. I've added the tag "intern" to this ticket to help group tickets together by this keyword to make it easy to identify tickets that will be great projects for a potential intern / Outreachy / GSoC / etc. participant to tackle later on!

Looking back on this one, I think a lot of the info from @bee2502's talk at Flock can be applied to this ticket. :smile:

During the CommOps workshop at FLOCK 2016, we asked the community about the metrics the would be interested in and the idea of having country wise metrics for contributors popped up.

COntributor metrics can be generated by @skamath 's work here : https://pagure.io/gsoc-stats
Long tail analysis can be done by this script : https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedora-stats-tools/blob/develop/longtail-analyze.py.

@skamath Please comment here if you think generating any of these stats might not be possible using gsoc-stats project. I am closing it for now.

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