#31 Answering the question, how many Fedora contributors are there?
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Ticket imported from a mailing list thread by @mattdm.

The what

Matt identified four questions that would be useful to have answers to with data.

  • How many core Fedora contributors are there?
  • How many casual but long-term committed contributors?
  • How about the long tail?
  • How does this break down by various project areas?

The hypothesis

"I have the hypothesis that Fedora follows the "90-9-1" rule, with a very active core, a larger engaged group that isn't as visible as individuals but which collectively contributes a lot, and then a lot of casually interested contributors who chime in occasionally. Is this true? Do the numbers come down to close to 90-9-1, or something else? Has it changed over time (opened up, or become more restrictive)?"

More details about this ticket can be found in the original mailing list post linked above.

Discussed in 2016-01-26 meeting.

We would like to add this as a project for the 2016 Outreachy potential projects list. I've added the tag "intern" to this ticket to help group tickets together by this keyword to make it easy to identify tickets that will be great projects for a potential intern / Outreachy / GSoC / etc. participant to tackle later on!

:clapper: Closing ticket as duplicate.

I think this question fits into the greater discussion about Fedora contributor metrics in ticket #32. Further discussion should be deferred there.

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