#24 Finish 2015 Marketing Retrospective and share with mailing lists
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As discussed in the 2016-01-12 meeting, Gabri (mailga) is currently working on creating a retrospective of 2015 of Fedora Marketing, along with other members of the Marketing team. This is currently happening on the wiki, and the results from this are intended to be used internally by the Marketing team for self-improvement.

Additionally, the retrospective also has a mutual interest of a "Year in Review" for the Marketing subgroup, and it would be easy to pull content from the Marketing retrospective for writing the Marketing "Year in Review".

The purpose of this ticket is to keep track on the Marketing retrospective and ensure that the results are shared with the appropriate lists (Marketing and CommOps). Once the retrospective is finished and shared, CommOps can help the Marketing team write their "Year in Review" and get it published.

Gabri is being assigned this ticket since he is the one leading the Marketing retrospective effort. The end collaboration will be between CommOps + Marketing to get the "Year in Review" article published. Since Gabri is already writing the retrospective, it might also make sense for him to be the author / representative for Fedora Marketing by authoring the CommBlog article.

'''Marketing retrospective due''': 2016-01-17
'''Marketing "Year in Review" article due''': 2016-01-24

Discussed in 2016-01-19 meeting.

The Marketing retrospective was finished on time and there is currently a draft in the Community Blog for Marketing's "Year in Review". It is pending final approval by decause before being green-lighted for publication. I have just now given the article a final pass-through and the content and organization seems solid and coherent to me. Once the article is scheduled / published, this ticket can be closed.

Discussed in 2016-01-26 meeting.

Retrospective is done and the YiR article is drafted. Thanks mailga!!

After our meeting today, decause and I would like to try to do some rephrasing and reorganization of the article to add a more optimistic spin to it. It came up in the meeting about this, and I think the justification makes sense. It ''was'' a tough year for Marketing and in many ways, it seems like Marketing was struggling to keep up with few people and difficulty organizing effectively. However, that doesn't mean it was a ''bad'' year. On the contrary, 2015 as a whole was a great year for Fedora, and subsequently, Marketing as well. However, there are some challenges that Marketing needs to address to get up to speed and focus on 2016, and we intend to revise and edit the article to add this optimistic spin while still emphasizing the difficulties we faced, and how we intend to improve.

Closing ticket as completed.

Thanks Gabri for writing this article for the CommBlog!! mailga++ mailga++ mailga++

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