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Fedora Women is a project designed to connect and assist women who are interested in using and contributing to Fedora.While there are quite a few women contributors in Fedora, the wiki page does not seem to be updated.

With increasing number of initiatives to increase participation of women in FOSS, it would be great to have our very own active Fedora Women community - and updating this list of existing women contributors in Fedora seems like a great start !


Bee [https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/women%40lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/N7O6J6GY6QR5PLVFWESOWALEUMYWF2GY/ posted to the women@lists.fedoraproject.org mailing list] asking women contributors in our community to add their names to the [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Women#Know_Our_Existing_Women_Contributors wiki article]. As of this moment, four new women contributors have added their names to the list.

Discussed in 2016-01-19 meeting. Forgot to mention this. :)

We decided that part of the updating to the Women wiki article should include having Outreachy interns added and mention Fedora's involvement with Outreachy, and also link to CommOps and Join pages. We also thought women contributors should be encouraged to add themselves to the page too, as Bee has already done.

Wiki article was updated today to mention the GNOME Outreachy program and provide links to more information (as a place to get involved in Fedora) and also the [https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/women-in-computing-and-fedora/ Women in Computing and Fedora] article was added to the page.

All that should be left is adding Join pages and CommOps to the wiki page.

Discussed in 2016-01-26 meeting.

The agreed proposal was the same as mentioned above. All that needs to be done to close this ticket is add a new heading for "Getting involved" and including links to the Join pages and CommOps in particular.

For posterity purposes… the reason why ''I'' believe it is important we add CommOps to this page with an emphasis is that I feel our sub-project is a good way for new contributors to get introduced or familiar with Fedora. I think it can be either one of two things for new contributors: a place to get their feet wet, and then dive into other sub-projects that are a better match, or possibly be a long-term contributor to CommOps and even get involved with other areas from there. In either case, I feel that our sub-project is a welcoming, friendly, and safe space for new contributors to get involved in, and I see our interests shared by the Join SIG as well. This goes without saying, I don't think the rest of Fedora isn't "safe", but it can be a little intimidating sometimes to try to step into another area of Fedora… from my own experiences. :) This is my own personal view on why CommOps deserves extra emphasis on this wiki page in particular.

Ticket closed.

Wiki article is updated to the aforementioned requirements and should be current to the most accurate way of getting started in Fedora. Closing ticket, but this can always be reopened in the future and the wiki is a very fluid thing. Nice work, CommOps!

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