#226 'How to Join Fedora Session' at Fedora Linux 34 Release Party
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There have been requests and a lot of positive response to the idea of a "How to Join Fedora" session in general, and also at the upcoming Fedora Linux 34 Release Party. We should develop a presentation that covers what we feel is important for this session. From there we can create an outline for use while giving the presentation, as well as work with the Design Team to make a slide deck to go with it.

We need:
- folks who want to develop what goes into the presentation
- folks who want to work on an outline
- folks who want to give the presentation

If you are interested, please drop a comment with your desired level of involvement. If you have ideas for any part of this task, feel free to drop them as well so we can discuss.

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I want to coordinate the creation of the presentation with the Fedora Join SIG,

It's the template on https://github.com/fedoradesign/fedora-presentation-template fine for this work?

the join SIG related ticket: https://pagure.io/fedora-join/Fedora-Join/issue/239

Hey @bt0dotninja, do let me know if you need someone to deliver the presentation or if you need assistance in any other task regarding the deck. I'll be glad to assist. :)

Thanks, @t0xic0der Sure I will need a lot of assistance here :smile:

I update an agenda proposal here: https://hackmd.io/@ZBDPuu-UTnWdVWbWwAl6qg/SJigddLBd

Please, everyone, take a look. Any comments are welcome.

Update from @t0xic0der (In the Fedora-join side ticket)

We have this deck proposal: https://pagure.io/fedora-join/Fedora-Join/issue/raw/files/b349a1bf603a6d516a95e0857403895d413b85c62d2ebc8a33521b392ffcda00-How_to_Join_Fedora_REV_1.pdf

The related design ticket is this: https://pagure.io/design/issue/753

Please review the content if you can

Thanks Akashdeep

Thank you @t0xic0der and @bt0dotninja for the great presentation at the release party!! I am closing this ticket as complete

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