#216 Start a exhaustive list of discussion platform used by the Fedora community
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So the question on what is official or not (with what can use the logo or not, wether CoC apply, and countless others ) is a recurrent discussion. This ticket is not aiming at solving that.

This ticket ask for a exhaustive (like, as much as possible, with the understanding it will never be complete) of the platform used officially and unofficially to discuss Fedora matters publically by groups that are Fedora related.

1 to 1 discussion are out of scope, and I guess internal ones too (with internal being internal to a company, or a university, albeit the last one is likely discutable). But anything that people use in a public way should be listed, if that's somehow Fedora related.

The goal is to have a overview of the practices of those community, to have contacts there (in case we need to contact them).

Before doing that, there is of course a few questions, like:

  • what is exactly fedora related (like should it be fedora exclusive, or not, I would say "fedora exclusive", but the question of a Fedora/Centos user group is IMHO a important point)
  • where would the list be (pagure, wiki page)
  • how do we ensure it is kept up to date ?
  • what are the information we want (like ideally, some kind of url/identifier, but more how structured should the information be, what count as a contact)

There is also the question of group-less chat discussion. For example, mastodon/fediverse or twitter. It is clear that people do use

The reason to have the list are multiple. For a start, we can plan in advance if anyone come to the council for CoC. We can see what field would be useful in noggin/fas in the future. We can see if there is a big pocket of community members that we missed for communication (like release, communicating big security issue, changing the logo, etc ). We will know who to contact for any specific platform related, and/or geography related questions in the future. It can help to see duplication.

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