#214 Content for infographic to highlight accomplishments of Fedora CommOps!
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As a thank you for all the efforts you guys put in providing support for different sub-projects of Fedora for effective communication, the design team is working on a set of infographics to highlight the accomplishments of all the people who worked and contributed to Fedora in the past year. 

For this, we request you to share accomplishments, stories, metrics etc. of individuals and/or teams in your group. It can be anything from Community Blog metrics (views, articles etc.), to fun interview stories!

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2 years ago

let me get some information for you :)
in two days i wil update the status (sorry for the delay)

@bcotton can you help me with some good stats from commblog ? :)

From the Fedora Community Blog (1 June 2019 - 31 May 2020):

  • 55 authors
  • 42,506 page views
  • 212 posts

@bt0dotninja no problem! thanks for helping out :D
@bcotton thank you! this is very helpful :)

Heya folks! Just following up here, We don't want to miss out on any achievements :D

Some numbers here:


  • 60 commits
  • 9 contributors

We have a renewed metric's scripts:


  • 3 contributors
  • 27 commits


  • Migrated from Python2
  • 16 commits
  • 2 Contributors

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2 years ago

Many thanks for your awesome work @smeragoel


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2 years ago

See PR #222 where this infographic gets added to our docs site.

P.S., if you, dear reader, are looking for the SVG in the future, please look in the git repo when making any changes or updates. Thanks!

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