#207 New doc page: Fedora Community vocabulary
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Create a new Fedora Docs page under CommOps docs called "Fedora Community vocabulary" that defines Fedora jargon and context-specific vocabulary


There are a lot of things we write in Fedora for shorthand to save time. Things we do to signal quick agreement like +1, or an old-school emoticon that might just look weird to someone else (\o/). So, to help newcomers to the Fedora Community, we can create a community-maintained page that tries to start defining what we mean by certain things in Fedora.

I think this would be a great resource during the peak times where we see new contributors, like for Mentored Project / Summer Coding rounds. It saves on-boarding time and also gives permission to ask for clarification on what we mean if we say some word or phrase.


This could be a new docs page in the Fedora Docs site: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/commops/

It can be a new page at the top-level of the sidebar. The page can include some examples to start (like +1/+0/-1 meanings). The page should have some instructions on how to submit contributions to the vocabulary page. When it is published, we could follow up with a Call for Contributions on the Fedora Community Blog to raise awareness for it as a resource. Or ask @bcotton nicely for a shout-out in his reports too.


Fedora gets better at documenting what we mean when we say specific things, to help newcomers learn the "Fedora jargon"


P.S. - Shout-out to a conversation I had with @nasirhm for giving me this idea :smile:

+1, Sounds awesome. I'm new to the jargon too, I can contribute with the ones I know :D

@jflory7, I can't think of a single reason why it would hurt anyone, what do you think would be a better idea? a form probably and share it on a couple of mailing lists?
or a wiki where folks can make a table entry?
or you are expecting an entry here in comment?

@siddharthvipul1 Maybe an online form/survey is a good place to start from. Once we have a doc up, it will be easier to accept iterative changes. But we need to start from a base. :)

So, if someone wants to take on this ticket, this is what I imagine the closing criteria to be:

  1. Create a survey / form for people to submit words and definitions of "Fedora jargon" and project vocabulary
  2. Create a new AsciiDoc page in Fedora CommOps docs site (this repo) titled "Fedora Community Dictionary"
  3. Open a PR to this repo with the new page
  4. Once PR is approved and merged, spread word on IRC / Telegram / mailing lists / maybe CommBlog that it is a new community resource and contributions are welcome

Hey @jflory7,
This would be my first project and I would love to try and take this on. I will get started on some sort of form / survey for users to input jargon.

Do we need to collect anything else besides jargon? I don't need names or anything like that correct?


Hi @keithpotz, thanks for your interest! :raised_hands:

I think a tool like Google Forms works for now. This will help us collect initial feedback.

It could be only jargon, but it is hard to say. I'm not sure what folks will submit. We should leave it open-ended so people bring their own ideas of what should go in a Fedora Community Dictionary. We can filter the responses and make groupings after.

Some people will take issue with a tool like Google Forms because it is not Free Software. However, the data will eventually make its way into Pagure, and someone can contribute that way later too. I think it is an acceptable middle-ground.

This is what I have come up with. I can share with you the form if you want to edit or you can provide feedback here I don't mind. The only thing I would like to add would be a Fedora image. If you can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate that.



@jflory7 following up with next steps as I am not sure how to proceed.

Thank you

Hi as I am a newbie, I am interested to see the result of this "Fedora jargon". Is the result somewhere to be shown?

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