#205 Community change process to parallel the current engineering change process
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I filed a ticket to discuss the creation of a change process for community changes, similar to the change process we have in place for engineering related changes, with the Council:


It's being discussed on the council-discuss ML now. Could commops please weigh in?


Hey @ankursinha, just to clarify, are you asking for CommOps to lead this work or just trying to point out the on-going discussion here?

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2 years ago

Pointing it out at the moment, but as I've said in the thread, mindshare/commops are perhaps the teams who at the moment are most involved in community operations who could perhaps take this on (instead of the FPgM managing it)

Does this really come under "outreach" by the way?

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2 years ago

I shared this on the CommOps Discourse category:


Otherwise I'm not sure what else the ask is for this ticket. CommOps is under-resourced so I don't think it makes sense for CommOps to take responsibility for managing it. But I'm happy to be proven wrong. I'd rather see this owned by Mindshare.

I'm going to close this ticket as "complete" because I'm not sure what the closing criteria is for it. Anyone else around in CommOps is welcome to reopen if they have some action items to suggest for folks in the community to take on.

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