#203 Making a script to get useful data about groups
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These metrics were first proposed by @tatica on https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/145 to measure the actual participation/activities of the fedora ambassadors group members. However, it is evident than this kind of data is useful for other groups, so the best is code a script that solves the problem for any group.

This script will be part of the CommOps toolbox than we plan relaunch.

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an example data output can be CSV and some plots.

@tatica can you give more details about what kind of output is useful you, by example, this ods document have all the registered members of ambassadors but I'm only showing some fields like I think are relevant


@bt0dotninja what a fantastic work! I got stuck on life and wasn't able to open the ticket in time, but I'm glad you took it over!

This sets a great way to start some metrics about the real activity of Ambassadors. Would it be possible to add to the data the amount of times a FAS user log in a Certain period of time? (1/3/6/12 months time-stamps?).

I'm sure some contributors log a couple of times a year to help with some punctual tasks, so that data could help get a better report.

Once again, thank you for all this hard work and for paying attention!

Hello @tatica,

Sorry for the late response, the data is here, the las 4 fields are the number of activities in 1,3,6 months and one year.

If you need any change let me know :)


@bt0dotninja what is an activity in that spreadsheet? A fedmsg? Something more specific?

yeah, it comes from all the activities registered in FedMsg , its possible be more specific and list all kind of activities but it will be become confusing

@bt0dotninja thank you - I was more wondering if it was "any activity" or a set of "specific" activities. where does the script live?

any activity, let me put it in a repo 🥺 asap

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