#200 Call for new CommOps team lead
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Select a new lead for CommOps team to replace @jflory7


Since the previous FCAIC Remy DeCausemaker departed in June 2016, I took on leadership responsibility for the team. A few months ago, I announced I would take an indefinite break from contributing to Fedora after the release of Fedora 30.

As part of that commitment, it's time for me to pass the torch and open up a call for leadership on the team. Going into 2019, there are a lot of open questions for CommOps. Is our team purpose still accurate? I believe CommOps needs to adapt in order to maximize its potential in the Fedora community. There is a lot of room for creative experimentation.

I will still be around for a little longer to help make the transition smooth. I hope to be a resource for the team lead while I have time to lend to Fedora.


We have not changed team leadership this way before, so there is no precedent. Therefore, I suggest a two-week call for nominations in this ticket (ending Friday, May 17, 2019). Anyone can self-nominate or nominate someone else with their consent.

At the end of the nomination period, one of two things will happen:

  1. If one nominee: Selected as new team lead
  2. If more than one nominee: Use a tool to run a mini-election

Nominees should hold CLA+1 status in the Fedora community. However, this is not disqualifying. If someone without CLA+1 status is nominated, they should explain what makes them interesting or unique as a candidate.


CommOps has a lead to continue guiding the team into the future of Fedora :smiley:

I nominate @bt0dotninja for the new CommOps lead position.

I followed up with @bt0dotninja and I'm happy to confirm him as the next CommOps team lead. :tada: A Community Blog article is scheduled to announce the change-over on Thursday, 30 May.

Felicidades @bt0dotninja. Looking forward to following your lead.

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