#20 Year in Review - CommOps Retrospective
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As part of the upcoming series on the Community Blog, we are encouraging the various subgroups, teams, and other groups in Fedora to put together a summary of their activity in 2015 in a short blog post.

Naturally, CommOps has to have our own retrospective as well! This ticket is intended to be the place for organizing what we want to include in our 2015 overview. What are the "three highlights" of CommOps over the past few months? What is our one major goal that we want to have for 2016? Should it be more abstract or concrete?

Seeing as how we are wishing to lead this effort, it would be a great idea to work on getting this out sooner than later as a model for other subgroups and teams to follow suite!

As discussed in the 2015-12-14 meeting, we were looking into ways of exporting WordPress Jetpack stats for stuff like page views and other WordPress-y metrics. Fortunately, that API exists!

Here are some links to some references for later use.

In the 2016-01-05 meeting, this [http://etherpad.osuosl.org/fedora-commops-yir-2015 Etherpad] link was shared. This is a good resource to make a rough sketch of ideas and what we include, and once we have an outline created, we can begin drafting a new article in the CommBlog.

To be discussed again at the 2016-01-12 meeting!

Discussed in 2016-01-12 meeting.

This is top priority for CommOps! We're about to begin a big push to get "Year in Review" articles out, so we want to get ours out ASAP as a role model for other subgroups. We're hoping to get ours published as early as Thursday! With a little bit of focus, I think we can do this. We're hoping to get the outline of "CommOps things" slimmed down to three highlights ''today'' and get the CommBlog article drafted from today through tomorrow.

Most of this planning will take place in IRC for quick communication. Once finished, it will be sent to the mailing list for a few quick +1/-1s!

First draft of our "Year in Review" drafted and shared with our mailing list asking for feedback.


Our own "Year in Review" is published on the CommBlog and can be viewed [https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/commops-year-in-review/ here]. As of now, the specific task for this ticket has been completed, so I see no reason to keep it open.

Thanks for a killer 2015! Looking forward to keeping this momentum for this upcoming year. :)


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