#195 Launch a Teleirc volunteer sysadmin group / SIG
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Launch a new SIG / team / group for Teleirc volunteer sysadmins in Fedora Infrastructure


In fedora-infrastructure#7389, a new team was created for volunteer sysadmins to work on Teleirc in Fedora's infrastructure. Now that the back-end work is done for this team, I want to launch a new SIG. To do that, I think we need some of these things:

  1. On-boarding docs (how to get involved)
  2. Infrastructure SOP (how to manage the existing installations)
  3. Create a new Badge for members of the group
  4. Create some publicity for the SIG / team to raise awareness


The first question to answer: should this SIG be a part of CommOps or be its own individual SIG? Once this is clear, we can figure out where to host resources like documentation and other things.

After that, here's a suggestion of tasks:

  • Get docs hosting set up on docs.fp.o
  • Write new content in docs that explain the following:
  • How to participate / get involved
  • How to correctly manage the server
  • Create a new Badges ticket to award to new members of the FAS group
  • Once all previous parts done, write a CommBlog article / post to infrastructure mailing list about team and open a call for participation

I think this is the minimum required work needed to launch this SIG. But I could have missed something, so if you have a suggestion for how to make this successful, please add a comment. :smile:


More sustainable long-term management of existing and future Teleirc bridges

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I am interested in helping. FWIW we don't have badges for most of the sysadmin-* groups, but I suppose we could have one for this group if that was desired.

I'm interested in helping here

I am interested in helping out!

Awesome! So we already have a pool of people interested in helping. :smile: Before giving out SSH privileges, I think we should complete the following:

  1. Host automation scripts / resources somewhere accessible to everyone interested
  2. Document common tasks (how to add a new bot, how to debug an existing bot)

How does it work now? (Dec. 2018)

This section is a quick summary to explain how things are being done now. This gives some transparency into the process. I also hope it makes it easier to follow along with how it works at a technical level.

Currently, the bot is managed in my personal infrastructure repository on GitHub. I manage the deployment in an Ansible Role, defined here.

There is a system group, teleirc, created when the playbook runs. Anyone with access to this group has limited access to the Teleirc files (mostly able to read files with secret tokens). I'm deploying the bot with NodeJS v10.x LTS.

What does it look like for someone else to contribute? Now, it's mostly keeping the variables up-to-date. An example of what adding a new bot looks like lives here.

To scale this, everyone involved as a sysadmin would have access to a common Ansible Vault. I'm not sure how we could distribute and manage access to secrets though. Maybe @kevin could help explain how secrets are managed in Fedora's Infrastructure, or maybe we could integrate our secrets into Fedora Infrastructure's? Not sure what that looks like.

I hope this context is useful. To move forward, I think getting the first two items listed at the top of this comment done are best. I might not get a chance to migrate from my own repo to Pagure for a few weeks (my final exams start next week).

I would also be interested in this!

I'm a current co-maintainer (alongside @jflory7 and others) of teleirc. I would like to help out where I can, and would be able to help fix any teleirc bugs should any arise.

I'm removing this ticket from the meeting agenda because there is not much to discuss yet. Over the winter holidays, I'll work on getting those two previous items mentioned done:

  1. Host automation scripts / resources somewhere accessible to everyone interested
  2. Document common tasks (how to add a new bot, how to debug an existing bot)

Updating this as waiting on the assignee. I'll work to have an update here no later than January 7th.

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Some progress is made here today. The Teleirc SIG now has a presence on Pagure at sig-teleirc/infrastructure. A few updates:


Some documentation is started. Source files are found here. A request for publishing the documentation on Fedora Engineering's docs page was made in docs-fp-o#106.

Ansible config management

I imported my existing Ansible role for Teleirc into the repository. Source files are found here. This makes it possible for anyone to submit a change or make configuration changes to the Teleirc bots.

Of course, documentation is needed to explain how to do these tasks.

What's next

More documentation is necessary. I opened new issues to track the most critical documentation. I'll work on these pages in the Pagure repo, but may not update this ticket with updates until the documentation is actually published.

Once the minimum amount of docs are written, we can on-board new members to the SIG, like @nb @x3mboy @jbjorkang and @tjzabel. :smile:

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Given that the SIG is operational and @tjzabel is helping already with managing the bots, I'm closing this issue as complete.

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