#189 Automate Teleirc deployments with Ansible
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Create an Ansible playbook or role to deploy Teleirc instances to prevent scenarios like today, where a system reboot knocks out all running instances, but does not automatically restart on reboot (and takes me too much time to run so many commands to get them back up and running).

I'm going to try to get this done in October. From there, we can revisit passing this to Fedora Infra as supported infrastructure.

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3 years ago

Weird. I am nearly certain I commented here a day or two ago, but perhaps the comment was deleted by accident?

Anyways, the previous comment was an update that I have made a lot of good progress on fully automating the Teleirc deployments with Ansible. Check out my Ansible role here.

In other news, I also opened fedora-infrastructure#7389 to see if Fedora Infra is open-minded to running these bridges in the production environment.

I opened jwflory/infrastructure#20 with additional improvements. These changes are tested and currently used in production for existing Fedora Teleirc instances.

  • Run all bots as non-privileged teleirc user
  • Add tasks to install yarn and then install dependencies with yarn
  • Upgrade Teleirc to v1.2.1 to avoid package lock issue

Automation in place

As of now, the automation bits are in place at jwflory/infrastructure. The Teleirc upstream released v1.2.2 today. Previous issues with stability were diagnosed and resolved. The Telegram bridges should be considered "stable".

Thus, I am closing this ticket as complete. :clapper:

Building a SIG / sysadmin community

However, fedora-infrastructure#7389 created a new SIG for Teleirc systems administration. I want to try and build up a small group of volunteer sysadmins to help with responding to new requests and managing existing bridges.

I will file a new ticket to start on-boarding discussion. Closing this ticket as complete. :clapper:

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3 years ago

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