#186 Run worldcloudbot on @fedoracommunity Twitter account
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wordcloudbot is a bot that listens to fedmsg, makes fancy world clouds, and tweets them on Twitter. Once upon a time it existed but it fell by the wayside. It would be cool to revisit it now and try to deploy this.

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2 years ago

Rather than running this on Twitter, perhaps GNU Social or Mastodon should be considered, possibly with a relay to Twitter if that is a must-have. Twitter is a proprietary centralized service, whereas GNU Social and Mastodon are FLOSS, decentralized, and can be run by anyone.

Discussed in 2018-11-21 meeting.

In yesterday's meeting, we agreed to put this ticket on target for completion during the Fedora 30 release cycle.

An older CommOps project, wordcloudbot, takes Fedora meeting minutes, generates a word cloud from most-used words in a meeting, and automatically posts the results to a Twitter account. It would be cool to get this working again and set up on the @fedoracommunity Twitter account.

Next steps likely include a revisit to the original code (some modernization might be needed), testing it out with existing Fedora meetings locally, and then getting it running on a server so the tweets happen automatically.

We’ll begin exploring this at the next CommOps meeting. Maybe @siddharthvipul1, @sumantrom, or @algogator could help get this added to GCI 2018.

We're having related discussion about this, including the above comment about Mastodon support, over on Discourse.

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Discussed in 2018-11-28 meeting.

In the meeting, we didn't have any immediate volunteers to work on this. We decided to do some promotion / visibility around this ticket to see if we can find a volunteer outside of a core team member. Next, we need to find a volunteer interested in Python and fedmsg. Some coding background is helpful, but only at a beginner level.

@bt0dotninja is working on a CommBlog post for "Winter 2018 CommOps easyfix tasks" and we'll use that to try and drive more participation in the team. We can follow it up with social media / user community coverage too. @jonatoni was going to experiment with Instagram Stories to highlight contribution opportunities, once this CommBlog post publishes.

We'll check in on the draft status at next week's meeting.

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a year ago

@bt0dotninja has a draft here. The content looks good to me.

@bt0dotninja, do you want to start a new thread on Discourse and request editor review as a next step?

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a year ago

@jflory7 yeah, let me do it :smile:

This is the main repository of worldcloudbot https://pagure.io/wordcloudbot , maybe we can work together to update the information get it up and running, what do you think @ektaarora3501 ?

Hi @bt0dotninja What is the next step to be followed ?

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