#181 Document CommOps administration and workflow
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Add a new page to CommOps documentation about our administration to run CommOps and workflow for Pagure issues / IRC meetings / mailing list / etc.


In 2015, we trialed a new workflow for CommOps and it's mostly stuck since then. Some minor changes have happened over time (Trac retirement, new labels / tags, etc.), but it is mostly in memory, not documented. It would be helpful for other CommOps team members and future team leads to have both this workflow and a high-level overview of administrating CommOps documented. It can live with our other documentation on docs.fp.o.


The form for this can be a new page in our CommOps documentation. It should explain the following topics (in any order):

  • How our IRC meetings run
  • How our Pagure repo is configured (tags, priorities, milestones)
  • Choosing what platform to communicate on (Pagure, mailing list, IRC)
  • What to do after a new release (Mindshare seat, possibly a check-in on yearly goals)
  • [new] Explaining our annual goals for each year (??)
  • How to update the FAS groups (commops, community-blog)

And possibly moreā€¦


Easier to understand how CommOps functions, begin to document parts of our workflow so others can understand and participate easier, encourage wider adoption of practices if others find it useful and clear

Hello @jflory7 ,

Please let me know if I can pursue this task as it will help me learn more.

Dropping this task as the expectation is to receive inputs from CommOps team and administration teams.

Hi @tusharkumar2020, thanks for your interest on this! However, it is a difficult task for a newcomer. This issue is focused on better documenting the way Fedora CommOps has run over the last 4-5 years. Historical context will make this issue way easier I think.

Did you see some of the other issues tagged as "help wanted"? These are great places to start!


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