#168 Propose a set of Pagure tags than help the onboarding process
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A #117 related ticket.

Some tags can help the newcomers to incorporate to the daily work of the teams, by example the easyfix tag.

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For another project, I created a GitHub workflow guide with suggestions for adding effective labels. I'd love to adapt this and make a version a Pagure-friendly version we could host in Fedora documentation, perhaps in the CommOps space.

The best place to start on this one is creating the doc for Pagure. I think we can host this in the CommOps docs.fp.o space as a new page. To make this page, we should identify some of the useful tags for any sub-project. The GitHub workflow doc linked above is probably a good place to start. :grinning:

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We need to start this documentation, the @jflory7 suggestions looks like a great starting point, also this can be a "good first issue" :smile:

Discussed in 2018-09-19 meeting.

Where to put this content

We deciding to host this content along with our existing documentation in this repo, instead of using the onboarding-guide repo. This better centralizes our content together and prevents things from getting spread too far out. CommOps can also "own" responsibility for this content too.

Collecting Pagure tags

@bt0dotninja is looking at the CommOps and Marketing Pagure settings and looking at how tags are configured currently. He will come up with a short proposal of what tags are recommended for effective triage by Wednesday, Oct. 3.

After that, we'll work on porting it into a new section in our docs.

Discussed in 2018-09-26 meeting.

Ticket scheduled for follow-up at next week's meeting on Oct. 3rd. No new updates during today's meeting.

ok, taking in account this wiki we have the next tags:

  • starter
  • EasyFix
  • easyfix
  • trivial
  • good+first+issue
  • good+for+newcomers
  • easy

From another sources:

  • For newbies
  • first task

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3 years ago

I'm not sure where push this (under our docs repo), so it's here for the first revision , any suggestion and comments are welcome :smile:

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