#163 Community Blog post highlighting Google Summer of Code 2018 interns
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I was hoping we could do a blog post on Community Blog with all interns in this round and their projects. Something like this: https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/outreachy-2017-meet-interns/

Since there are more interns, we can have shorter introductions with snippets from their answers. Here are a few sample questions we could ask:

  • Tell us a little about yourself?
  • What are you working on during GSoC? Can you describe your project?
  • Why did you select this project?
  • How is your experience working with the Fedora community been so far? Any notable experiences?
  • What interests you about Fedora project?
  • What are you looking forward to most during this internship/ while working with Fedora?
  • Where do you see yourself after you complete the Google Summer of Code program?
  • If you could describe this internship in three words, what would they be?

We can send an email to all the interns asking for responses before a fixed deadline. We can also send a Fedora starter kit with this email i.e. useful links like getfedora, Fedora magazine, Fedora community blog and whatcanidoforfedora, information about different subprojects and SIGs, our social media presence etc.

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@bee2502 Awesome idea. I would love to see an article like this go out on the CommBlog. I'll make a pitch for interest on the mailing list.

I am very interested to work on this issue. Please help me to finding out the emails for interns.

@suparnaraut Thanks for your interest! I see both you and James were interested in helping on this.

Since both of you are interested in writing an article for the Community Blog, there are two ways we could do this:

  1. The two of you could work on it together in a shared document (like an Etherpad) and publish it
  2. One of you could work on this, and the other could work on a new article idea (I was thinking an interview with x3mboy about his work with the Fedora community podcast).

What do you both think?

I forgot to mention @amsharma's post on the list earlier today with another article idea. If one of you want to work on this, @amsharma can open a new ticket and we can assign one of you to work on this article too.

Hey :) I'm happy to work together with @suparnaraut on speaking to the interns, or work on something else I don't mind :)

I am happy to work together with @jamithy in a shared document (like an Etherpad) or work on a new article idea.

@jamithy @suparnaraut I made a request for information to try and round up some of the GSoC student intern emails.

In the meanwhile, I suggest starting a new Etherpad to start drafting the questions and the article. Once we get the emails, we can follow up with the interns to send out the questions.

If this takes some time, also consider looking at #164. This one is ready to write now and will probably be easier to do than this interview too. I'd love to get #164 published too, if possible. :grinning:

Is this the best way for me to share the etherpad that I've started?


Let me know if you can see it or not please :)

@jamithy Yes, thanks! I can see it. I'm going to go ahead and assign this ticket to you – when you're ready for feedback, let us know and we can take a look.

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4 years ago

@jflory7 - great thanks. Fyi - I've listed some potential blockers that I
can see coming up, at the bottom of the list! :)

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@jamithy Yes, thanks! I can see it. I'm going to go ahead and assign this ticket to you =E2=80=93 when you're ready for feedback, let us know and w= e can take a look.

To reply, visit the link below or just reply to this email

I am really sorry for late reply due to some technical issues. @jflory7 how can we get email addresses of interns.

@jamithy @suparnaraut Are you able to see this list after logging into your Fedora account? If so, you should see emails for algogator and thelittlewonder. Both of them are probably good candidates to reach out to.

There are definitely more students, but I am having a challenge getting a full list of emails. Some other folks that may be able to help with this are @sumantrom @a2batic or @bex. I'm not able to get the full list of mentors or students from Google's website, even though I am in the system. :pensive:

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@jamithy @suparnaraut Hi, were either of you able to make progress on the interview? Let us know if you are still making progress on this. Otherwise, I suggest we close this issue as stale at next week's meeting.

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