#161 Selecting new CommOps Mindshare representative for F29-F30
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Select a member of the CommOps team to serve as Mindshare Committee representative for Fedora 29 and Fedora 30


Per past precedent, we agreed the CommOps seat on the Mindshare Committee would last two release cycles (i.e. one full year) before it is open again for new nominations. Note we did not set the "term limit" requirement mentioned in the linked comment.

I do not plan to nominate myself again for the Mindshare Committee seat from CommOps.

This ticket is a chance for us to collect nominations and begin a process of selecting a team member to serve as the Mindshare Committee representative for the next two Fedora release cycles, Fedora 29 and Fedora 30. This will take effect after October 2018.

We did not time box how long we run the nomination period. Thus, I would like to propose we open a general call for nominations for one month (i.e. ending on July 17, 2018). After this, we can confirm the next representative and also work on on-boarding the future representative to the Mindshare Committee. Mostly, I want to have this done before Flock so the future representative will have a chance to follow discussion or updates that come from Flock 2018.


Any sponsored member of the CommOps FAS group is eligible for the Mindshare Committee seat. A team member may nominate someone else, or someone may self-nominate themselves too. For now, we will collect nominations in this ticket. After July 17, we will move forward with confirming the next representative.


Select a new CommOps representative to Mindshare Committee, focus on smooth on-boarding of new representative and off-boarding of previous representative for October 2018 handover

After talking with him earlier, I would like to nominate @bt0dotninja for the CommOps Mindshare rep for Fedora 29-30.

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I opened mindshare#54 to make this official. The Mindshare Committee will help @bt0dotninja with on-boarding (per mindshare#55).

Closing this ticket as complete. :clapper:

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