#16 Assist with Post Election Tasks
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The FESCo FAmSCo and Council Elections for Nov/Dec 2015 cycle are done and the results have been announced on the Mailing Lists. Some post election tasks are still waiting to be finished and this ticket is to help connsolidate a list of such tasks and keep track.

Elections wiki page : https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=Elections&direction=next&oldid=429829

Write a CommBlog post covering Election results + Post Election Metrics(Voter Turnout etc)


Update the Council wiki page.
Remove lock on Council Nomination page

FESCo (Engineering)

Adjust the FESCo mailing list subscriptions.
Update rights on the FESCo trac instance.
Update the FESCo wiki page.
Update the FESCo history page.
Award new members the fesco badge. 
Remove lock on FESCo Nomination page.

FAmSCo (Ambassadors)

Adjust the FAmSCo mailing list subscriptions.
Update rights on the FAmSCo trac instance.
Update the FAmSCo wiki page.
Update the FAmSCo history page. 
Remove lock on FAmSCo Nomination page.

Cheers to a successful Election and jkurik for organizing it !

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