#152 Write how-to document on Telegram settings best practices
Opened 2 years ago by jflory7. Modified 2 years ago

A short document explaining best practices for setting up a Telegram group bridged to an IRC channel would be helpful (e.g. setting a description, upgrading to a supergroup, etc.).

This is a low priority task, but it would be helpful to have. I'm assigning it to me for now because it's a lot of things I've internalized in my head that I want to write and share.

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These are useful

# quiet unregistered
 /mode +q $~a 
# voice the bots
/msg chanserv access #channel tg-*!nodebot@nat/redhat/* +V 
# list banned users
/mode #channel b
# list quietened users
/mode #channel q

I think this ticket is blocking #195. I'm going to update the metadata to set #195 as dependent on this ticket.

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