#150 Interview an Infrastructure team member on the Infrastructure Hackathon
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Interview member(s) of Fedora Infrastructure Team about the 2018 Infrastructure Hackathon plans and goals


The Infrastructure team is running a hackathon next week from April 9 -13. The hackathon is intended to help the team leap ahead for several critical Fedora and CentOS initiatives.

Some tasks include:

  • Identifying technical debt
  • Updating documentation
  • Setting up AWX in Fedora
  • Continuous integration (CI) work
  • Extra goals such as Pagure, Bodhi, and OpenShift hackfests

This work is important to help modernize Fedora's infrastructure.


In the past, we interviewed Python SIG members for their FAD to port packages to Python 3. This would be a similar approach for the Fedora Infrastructure hackathon. The article assumed that the reader is a contributor to Fedora, but does not know much about the Python SIG or porting packages to Python 3. We should assume the same for Fedora Infrastructure.

Step 1

The first step to this ticket is coming up with a list of interview questions. Questions may want to ask about why this hackathon is happening, what the goals are, what the next steps are, etc. Or also where to keep up with results from the hackathon. At most, try to keep to only three questions.

Step 2

The second step is to reach out Infrastructure team members and ask them these questions. IRC may be best for quicker answers. Otherwise, email works too. The sooner we can ask questions, the better, since some people begin traveling on Saturday, April 7. Expecting answers during the hackathon is not likely.

Step 3

The third and final step is to put together the interview on the Community Blog. It can mirror the same format as the Python 3 FAD article.


Come up with interview questions, ask them to one or two Infrastructure team members, put together a short and sweet interview with some of the answers we get

Discussed in 2018-04-02 meeting.

Challenge accepted!

@wesleyotugo volunteered to help tackle this, since we have a short amount of time to work on it. He is going to reach out to the interview candidates and put together a short article from some of their answers, like the Python 3 FAD article.


We brainstormed and came up with these three questions in the meeting:

  1. What is the Infrastructure Hackathon / what are you planning to do?
  2. Why do you think this hackathon is needed?
  3. How did you get involved with Fedora Infrastructure?


Three people to interview will be enough, since we don't have long to work with a lot of content. In the meeting, we decided to try these three people first:

  1. @jperrin: Since he is Fedora Engineering's new team lead
  2. @pfrields: Since he is one of the lead organizers of the event and formerly managed the team
  3. @sinnykumari: Since (I think) she is a new member of the team

Let's see if we can get the article scheduled for Friday, April 6, or worst case, next Monday, April 9!

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The post was published this morning! I also added in a little Twitter love too.


Nice work @wesleyotugo, and thanks @kevin @smooge @sinnykumari for the interviews! Closing this ticket as complete.

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