#15 Hook up email posting functionality for CommBlog
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by jflory7.

To better integrate with WordCloudBot, the Community Blog should be set up to allow for posting via email. This will allow the WordCloudBot to automatically post word clouds from trigger events (e.g. IRC meetings) to the Community Blog.

This will likely require collaboration of some kind with the Fedora Infrastructure team.

Discussed in 2016-01-12 meeting.

Talked with Patrick about this and he said he would do some looking into it about what all has to be done to set it up (e.g. receiving email server). He is being assigned the ticket in the meanwhile.

= Milestone period reached =

This ticket was marked for completion by Fedora 23, and the release cycle for that just ended today. After having the Community Blog up and running for almost half a year and longer now, I think that closing this ticket makes the most sense. For any content people post, we want to have a chance to curate it at least a little bit before sending it live (whether it's add a <read more> tag, adding headers, or setting categories and tags).

I think keeping the manual moderation is best for now, and for that reason, I'm going to tentatively close this ticket out.

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