#149 Adopt or not adopt Fedora tagger app
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@pingou asked if we (as commops) want to adopt Fedora Tagger[1] because infra wants deprecate it unless we have some interest to maintain it[2].

i open this ticket for a little discussion about this. (more info in [2])

[1] https://apps.fedoraproject.org/tagger/
[2] https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/commops@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/FMVUGLT4YO3KPTPSDLCLIQQW2SAITRLO/#77NMJBGIDEOW4CWELXJKK3R2N5QDV5II

+1 to keep it. It's a good place to newcomers
Also please vote as we need to answer this before tomorrow.

cc @jflory7, @bex, @bee2502, @jonatoni, @dhanesh95

I vote +1 to save it

but I do not think that this application fits with Commops in the Mindshare' era
(maybe with join sig, packagers, i don't know), so after save it we need transfer this responsibility to a proper sig

As regular user of fedora tagger I noted that still has a integration with packageDB (deprecated) but also with Fedora Packages (Current) so if we want update this app only we need disable packageDB integration.

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still has a integration with packageDB (deprecated)

This is the core of the issue, it needs to be migrated.

Note that the idea isn't on voting to save it or not but having someone actually stepping up to do the work needed to save it.

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Thanks for the patience on a reply. I did not notice the urgent need for an answer, which was technically yesterday.

I appreciate and see value in the fedora-tagger app, but I do not think it is the scope of this team to maintain and develop the application; I am -1 to transferring it to CommOps, but I would like to make an effort to call out for help on fedora-tagger.

The type of work we do is mostly detailed on the docs site. The development work we do is focused on metrics and implementing fedmsg. To date, we have never maintained or acted as core developers of an infrastructure application.

My concern is I do not see this team having bandwidth or time to invest in development time on fedora-tagger. Where I see this team being more effective is putting out a call on the Community Blog to ask for support and maintainership before the Infra hackfest. We could help write an article to explain the situation with fedora-tagger and point interested maintainers or developers to the Infrastructure list or another place if they want to help with this project.

@pingou What are your thoughts instead of a CommBlog article to explain the same things you mentioned on the mailing list and set a "deadline" for a new maintainer / maintainer group by the Infra hackfest?

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I'd ok with that if the call also announces that if we have no new maintainers say on April 5th (so things can still be started on the 6th), we will deprecate fedora-tagger.

How does that sound to you?

@pingou and I followed up in IRC. We published a call for maintainers on the Community Blog and helped direct them to the GitHub issue that addresses this problem.

I am going to close this ticket as complete. Hope this helps bring some more attention to the PkgDB application! 🤞

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