#147 Link to Fedora CoC in Footer
Closed: Complete 4 years ago Opened 4 years ago by bex.

Please add a link to the CommBlog for the Fedora Code of Conduct. This site has a comment section and it should be able to be accessed easily.

@bex Could you file this ticket at the communityblog-theme repository and add a link back to that ticket here?

@ryanlerch designed and maintains the theme, so this will get it to his attention.

Metadata Update from @jflory7:
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4 years ago

Ryan suggested adding it to the header or footer widgets. I added it to the footer underneath the search. We may also want to add it to the top menu, but at least now it's linked from every post.

@bcotton Super, thanks for following up on this ticket! Somehow I missed the issue wasn't moved when I closed this.

Metadata Update from @jflory7:
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3 years ago

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