#144 Metrics Visualizations of Packages
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Do we have capacity to consider two additional data points for the test instance?

1) How many packages were updated in each "time period". I believe this can be done as repositories that got an update (per branch?) from src.fp.o

2) How long package reviews take. Can we somehow extract data about bugs like this one? https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1550314

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Discussed in 2018-04-02 meeting.

Dependency updated

I misread this ticket at first because I thought it was a general request. I better understand that it is in the context of #114 and building our dashboard. I am marking this ticket as blocked on #114.

@skamath is best able to answer the technical possibility of this ticket.

Measuring updates

@roca asked a good question during the meeting. Is it better to monitor updates that land in Bodhi or new commits to source package repositories in src.fedoraproject.org? Do you have an opinion on this, @bex?

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Further thoughts regarding data from bodhi:
- Updates are broken down into rss feeds from broad to specific users.
- While the notes vary for each update, would pulling feeds and parsing by project, date provide a simple visual time line?

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Discussed in 2020-08-08 Fedora Nest metrics hack session.

As discussed, I started a new thread on Fedora Infrastructure mailing list. I am closing this ticket as moved. An excerpt of the mailing list post below:

Hi all,

CommOps received a request to build metrics for (1) what packages are
updated every Fedora release, and (2) how long on average package
reviews take; however, we do not have capacity to take this request. Per
discussion at Nest, I am following up on Fedora Infrastructure list to
explore if there is capacity elsewhere for this work.

The ticket with this request was opened by Brian Exelbierd in March
2018. The CommOps team first approached this work two years ago, but our
volunteer team does not have capacity to meet this request:


At Nest, we briefly discussed with cverna in the CommOps metrics hack
session that this request is more likely a question of which system to
query and how (versus building new tooling or collecting new data).

I was actioned to open a discussion on the Infrastructure mailing list
to explore if this is of interest to the Fedora Packaging community. If
so, the C.P.E. team may be able to redirect this request to the right place.

I am closing the CommOps ticket once I send this mail, but I am happy to
move the request to a new Pagure issue in a different repo if someone is
interested in taking up this request.


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