#137 New CommBlog article: Fedora accepted into GSoC 2018
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Fedora was accepted as an organization to Google Summer of Code 2018. We need a Community Blog post to share the news with the community.

See the Fedora accepted to Google Summer of Code 2016 article for inspiration. This post can almost be a copy-pasted, updated version.

This is a great task for a new contributor to help with.

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Discussed in 2018-02-19 meeting.

@wesleyotugo volunteered to work on this article. He plans to have a first draft entered into the CommBlog by 20:00 UTC today. We were flexible on the due date for this, and hoped to have a final draft by next Monday, Feb. 26, 2018.

@wesleyotugo will post to the mailing list when his first draft is ready for review.

cc: @bex @skamath, your time to review this draft (when ready) will also be helpful!

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@wesleyotugo Yes, the article is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 22 at 08:30 UTC. Thank you for jumping on this! :tada:

The article will be published here:


Closing as complete.

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