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refiled here per close at:


I ran into issues posting a Candidates summary in the most recent Fedoraproject election cycle, which was never addressed, due to the cancellaton of the election session. per the 'council' meeting today, I filed the above referenced bug at the venue they requested. This seems to have not been correct

As a new poster, I went to edit my profile in preparation for a post

I received this intercept


This appears to intentionally be a intercept page without content


  1. It is pretty useless to redirect to such

  2. If a poster is untrusted, add a review, before potentially inappropiate goes live and do not return an error, but rather a 'your content is being reviewed' message

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Hi @herrold, thanks for your patience for a reply.

I don't understand this problem. I've never seen this page before. Can you explain in a series of steps (1, 2, 3…) of what you tried to do?

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I guess I do not understand what is un-clear

  1. for whatever reason, I ended up at:


(so: generally: http://{FAS_ID}.fedoraproject.org/

Such a page match should do a redirect to either:

1 a defined next step (logfiles will tell where such referrals come from -- I do not have access to such, and so do not speculate

    - or -
  1. if there IS NO 'next' page' specified, back to a useful top page

As I was going through setting up a blog post for a canceled event, I can no longer now get to the page which sent me there

It is pretty useless for a redirect to stop at such a page which looks like this:

What I got stopped at

from: https://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax#img

trying to get an image in here ///

try: [id]: url/to/image "Optional title attribute"

[id]: file:///home/herrold/ Fedora-openid-waypoint-page.png "Optional title attribute"

There is no discussion about HOW to u/l an image at:


anyway, I placed a copy at:


@herrold I'm really sorry – I still don't understand what you were doing to end up at this page. Some details that may be helpful:

  1. The OpenID page is a back-end page for logging into WordPress with a Fedora account – you aren't normally redirected there
  2. I don't have logs to the site since it's in the Fedora Infrastructure cloud – we do need help from @kevin @puiterwijk or @smooge there from Infrastructure Team

I want to understand how you found this page and what you were doing before you ended there. There may be a bug with a plugin or something unexpected. If you could do an ordered list of the steps you followed immediately before you ended there, that would help for debugging! The problem I have now is that I still don't understand what you did to get to this OpenID page.

@herrold Hi, did you have a chance to see the above?

The path I was followings came from editting a (no longer accessible to me) draft block post:

(as said earlier:) As I was going through setting up a blog post for a canceled event, I can no longer now get to the page which sent me there

so I cannot test and reproduce steps to you the requested information as to a reproducer

Please put to one side the question of HOW I got there.

When one ends up at a page of the form:


regardless of prior path, some thing has gone wrong. 'landings' there without a 'next go to page blah' are errors, and should:

a. log the referer for chasing down the source of a defective in-reference, when coming from spaces under Fedoraproject control

b. fire off an email to the page wrangler of that page, as well as the 'referer' page, that something went wrong

c. redirect the remote user into an intercept page, perhaps of type 404, perhaps not

I am sorry I cannot add more detail, but I cannot. As you point out in your prior commend, fedora infra people have access to the web pageview logfiles with the referer. As the target is a relatively 'rare one: the custom - userid, and the suffix:


It does not seem unreasonable to ask that they zgrep / grep: for: "herrold[.]id[.]fedoraproject"

Thank you. Please pardon the look of this post, but there is a pagure problem as to CSS delivery, under another bug, which makes it really difficult for me to use Pagure presently


-- Russ herrold

@herrold said..
so I cannot test and reproduce steps to you the requested information as to a reproducer

I understand your request now, but because you cannot reproduce this, this team (CommOps) cannot debug the problem further. This is something that requires Fedora Infrastructure (specifically, the members responsible for Infrastructure cloud instances) to review and take a look.

Since we cannot reproduce your problem and I cannot debug whether this from WordPress core or a plugin, I'm going to close this ticket as Insufficient data. If it happens to you again, let's work with the Infrastructure team to try and get to the bottom of it.

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