#13 Get a CommOps graphics upgrade
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by jflory7.

To help better establish CommOps as a team in Fedora, we should have some basic graphics like other teams have, such as a Trac logo and wiki header (i.e. a banner). To help get some of these created, I have opened two new tickets in the Fedora Design Team Trac to help get us "branded". :)

Today (2015-12-03), the Design Team had their weekly meeting and triaged the tickets. They were assigned to one of the Design Team members, mleonova. I requested them to hopefully be prepared in December.

As more information becomes available, I will share it here.

We already had a discussion for the Trac banner, and it should be finalized soon. Discussion is still needed on the [https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/416 wiki banner] - mainly looking for +1/-1 on this ticket! Please leave feedback when you have a moment. Adding this ticket to the meeting agenda for 2016-01-12.

Thanks to the '''awesome''' work by mleonova, our CommOps wiki banner is now present on all of our wiki pages and presence. Design ticket #416 is now closed and the wiki banner is added as a header to the Fedora wiki.

The Trac banner is still in progress and we are hopefully getting a final copy soon. In the meanwhile, I have added our wiki banner to the Trac as a placeholder, and soon we should have one with the proper dimensions. Once the Trac banner is complete (Design ticket #416), this ticket can be closed.

Trac banner complete, added to the top of our Trac now. Thanks mleonova for making these for us. :)

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