#129 Run 2017 "Year in Review" series on CommBlog
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Filed this while on a bus to not forget about it completely. I'll come back later and edit this comment to actually explain what it is. We did this in 2015 but missed out in 2016.


Discussed in 2017-12-11 hack session.

Infrastructure app Year in Reviews

@wesleyotugo jumped in during our hack session and was interested in writing a "Year in Review" article for specific applications in Fedora's infrastructure, like the wiki or some of the projects listed in the Fedora Infra GitHub.

We started to draft some ideas for articles in an Etherpad.


@wesleyotugo is looking through some of the projects there for ideas to write about. We have some notes in the Etherpad and hope to get an article draft soon.

Kicking off the series

An article announcing the 2017 Year in Review series needs to happen before we publish any articles. I'm going to "facelift" the article from 2015 and re-publish it to help get the ball rolling too.

The game is afoot! The intro article for the 2017 Year in Reviews is scheduled for Monday at 08:30 UTC. A preview is here. If it's expired, then it's probably published by now.

@wesleyotugo is making good progress on a Bodhi "Year in Review" post, and I know he pinged @bowlofeggs for some help on that. I'm due for feedback over the weekend to get it published sometime next week!

For tracking purposes, the ticket for diversity team's year in review post is here: https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/issue/49

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I have a draft started for a CommOps YiR I hope to work on after the FAD report.

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Looking back, this ticket is for launching the series. All Year in Reviews for 2017 are found here on the CommBlog.

Closing this ticket as complete. CommOps has a forthcoming YiR post too, tracked in #130.

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