#127 Write a "How to" commblog post to explain a little bit the changes in the wiki
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Write an article with some of the new best practices to improve new pages and to fix old. For example, working with tables and uploading files

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Should we also talk about how to add things to the new docs.fedoraproject.org?

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Should we also talk about how to add things to the new docs.fedoraproject.org?

We want to write an article only about that. So basically we want 2 articles, one about docs (I will create another task about it) and one about wiki.

For the wiki article, there is an article in wikimedia about how to create tables. In the previous version of wikimedia, the tables were formatted with the class wikitable by default, now it needs to be explicitly declared, that is one of the majors. For tables I think we can cover the whole "Basics" section.
Another hot topic is the usage of templates and listing the templates we have will be really useful.

I think that's all for me. Please ping if you need more help on this topic.

I believe a key component of the wiki article needs to be "How to decide if what you're writing is right for the wiki or should be somewhere else."

This allows us to bring up @mattdm 's whiteboard analogy. The wiki is, generally, best used for material you'd write on a whiteboard in a meeting room. You realize it might get erased by the next meeting or the cleaning staff. Don't put durable reference documents in the wiki.

I need more info on the 3 main topics. I barely have an idea of what I am meant to write

@wesleyotugo Can you put a list of what you believe the three main topics are and some questions we can react too? This will allow everyone to quicklly get on the same page and not risk all of thinking that the three topics are all different things.

Ok, there are 3 main topics to touch:

1. How to obtain rights to write in the wiki?
2. How to format text in the wiki?
3. what context is suitable for the wiki?

1. To obtain rights to write in the wiki, you need to have CLA+1 permissions in FAS. So quick introduction to FAS and how to join to a Team will be useful. Remember WCIDFF.
2. To format the wiki, the idea is to highlight the new needs in wikimedia. One of the most importants topic here is tables. As I mention before, the idea is to give a quick review of the Tables as mentioned in the wikimedia wiki. Also will be really useful if we do some highlight of the most common marking we should use, like Bolding, titles and Templates. Remember we have a list with our Templates.
3. We need to make sure that people use the wiki correctly, by posting content that should be in the wiki. So here, our approach, as @bex mentioned before, is that the wiki is like the community whiteboard, it allow us to plan stuff, like events; put guidelines that can change with the time like budget process or the election rules; but not to write technical documents on how to setup wifi or installing software.

Basically we want that this article became a new starting point to use the wiki.

@wesleyotugo has a draft here in the Community Blog (you need to sign in to view it).

I believe the scope of this article should focus on writing in the Fedora wiki. The current draft focuses more on how to get started and syntax. I think the scope is okay for the article.

I prefer the information on "what content belongs in the wiki?" to (ironically) be hosted in Fedora Docs. I think this is an answer to a common question that many people will have – we want it to be easily found and referenced. Articles on the Community Blog can be linked back, but the CommBlog makes more sense for a "timeline" flow or for small reminders.

I am okay with the draft @wesleyotugo has so far. @bex @x3mboy, do you have any other feedback?

I'm totally ok with the draft, since I'm helping @wesleyotugo to write the article.

I like the article, but I really wish it would address what should be written in the wiki and what really goes elsewhere.

Also, the section entitled "What to write in Fedora Wiki?" is actually a wikitext tutorial and should get a new name. Perhaps "How to format text in the Fedora Wiki"

@bex The section entitled "What to write in Fedora Wiki?" is actually being penned. It is actually a separate section on its own. I am working with @jflory7 to create a guideline of some sort concerning that.

@wesleyotugo perfect. Normally I don't like to see things held up, but I'd prefer not to see us publish something about how to write in the wiki and encourage contributions that we know would be better landed elsewhere, ideally.

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I'm planning to help @wesleyotugo with some of the strategical points about when to write in the wiki or the docs. I'm short for time this week, so I think it's more realistic for me to work on this during the Docs FAD (when I can ask people in the room about those points) or when I return from traveling after March 7th.

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I made edits to rework the existing content to emphasize the role of the wiki as a whiteboard and add an explicit callout to Fedora Documentation for more durable documents.

Preview here

I want to unblock this and publish what we have if it makes sense. With this draft, do we want to publish this later this week? @wesleyotugo, @bex, @x3mboy?

We briefly discussed and reviewed this in IRC this morning. We agreed to schedule the current draft for Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 08:30 UTC.

When published, the article will appear here: communityblog.fedoraproject.org/how-to-fedora-wiki-whiteboard

Closing this ticket as complete. Thanks @wesleyotugo for working on this, and for being patient for us to figure out what to do with it. :tada: :clapper:

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It published this morning! :tada:

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