#122 Move "CommOps/Join" page from wiki to AsciiDoc
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To help trial out the new docs toolchain, we should port the CommOps Join instruction wiki page to AsciiDoc and publish it with the toolchain.


This is a sub-task of #118. I'm taking an excerpt from our Flock 2017 blog post for the background of this ticket.

[…] One of the attendees, Brian Exelbierd, started a discussion about the Fedora Documentation team and some of the changes they’ve made over the last year. Brian introduced AsciiDoc and broke down the workflow that the Docs team uses with the new tooling. After explaining it, the idea came up of hosting contributor-focused information in a Fedora Docs-style project, instead of the wiki.

The two strong benefits of this approach is to keep valuable information updated and to make it easily accessible. Some common wiki pages for the CommOps team came up, like the pages explaining how to join the team and how to get “bootstrapped” in Fedora. After Brian’s explanation of the tools, the new Docs tool chain felt easy to keep up and effective promoting high-value content for contributors out of the wiki.


This is a topic I'd like to work on, so I will self-assign this ticket.

The Join page is an easy example of a page we could move into the new docs tool chain. To keep things simple, all of the docs will be hosted in this repo. The main work of this ticket will be to port the info to AsciiDoc, clean it up, and get it into the repo.

However, the page also needs to be revisited. Once the docs template is established, I will move it to AsciiDoc and submit a PR to this repo. We can discuss any changes or see if anything is missing. If it looks good, we'll merge the PR and call it done.


@jflory7 will…

  1. Export the wiki page to AsciiDoc using pandoc
  2. Clean up any formatting / syntax errors
  3. Create the tree hierarchy for docs
  4. Review page content, make edits as necessary
  5. Submit pull request to this repo with changes
  6. Get feedback in PR or at meeting, merge after a day or two of feedback

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3 years ago

I'm working on this task for all outreach teams as part of docs team. @jflory7 can I take this task?

@wesleyotugo Oops, forgot to update here. I started on this at the CommOps FAD but have not yet had a chance to finish.

If you're interested in writing docs for CommOps, we can certainly use your help. I'm hoping to brainstorm ideas on docs topics for CommOps next week at the Docs FAD. I'll make sure to file some ideas so you can help out too. 🙂

@jflory7 I do not have experience in writing docs but I am willing to learn. So sure why not, you can tag me in.

PR #140 is now merged! I'm working with @bex today to get what we have so far into a staging instance.

Closing as complete. :clapper:

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3 years ago

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