#119 [TRACKER TICKET] Improving Fedora Community Blog
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This is a tracking ticket to consolidate suggestions for improving tasks related to Fedora Community Blog.

For example,

In today's meeting (2017-10-16), we had a discussion on how to manage the pending posts for review in Community Blog. @bt0dotninja suggested and will work on sending bi-weekly reminders about pending CommBlog posts on mailing list and IRC. We will test it for a few weeks and see how this works. Any suggestions/help here is welcome.

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the mail was sent to the editors list in


if we don't have any response i will try to ping then on IRC channels the next Friday :clock830:

I saw the first email reminder come out. I liked it. The one change I would make is that the person who does the email should consider triaging the requests. For example, does the test day post still need to be run if the day has past?

Ok, I got it :smile:
thanks b e x

As a note, this is a high priority task for me. We spent a lot of time getting the Community Blog set up and reaching out to folks to share their content here. Some of the recent negligence (on my part) is reversing the effects of that work.

I don't have specific sub-tasks yet, but I've identified this as a high priority item for 2017 and I hope to make progress on streamlining the process and making it easier for people to submit content and get it published quickly. Self-assigning this ticket and removing "needs feedback" tag. When I have more to share, I'll file new tickets for more narrow tasks and update this tracking ticket.

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Coming back to this ticket. Since the last comment, here is what has happened:

  • Pending review queue cleared out (thanks @bt0dotninja for driving this)
  • All posts with review requests are cleared
  • Community Blog wiki page migrated to docs

Issue #124 is still open, but it is lower on the priority list. I am closing this issue as complete.

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