#118 [TRACKER TICKET] Porting CommOps Information to Fedora Docs
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CommOps needs to port important information from wiki to Fedora Docs. This ticket is to help consolidate the important information we need to port and to plan our actions.

Information/ tickets to port -

1. Streamlining nomination and interview process. More info #102
2. Improving Voter Turnout and other activities. More info #103

@jflory7 will work on initializing CommOps repo in Fedora Docs.

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3 years ago

This repo can be stored in commops name space if that is easier. There is no technical requirement for it to be in the fedora docs name space.

Let me know how I can help with this effort.

@bex Actually, yes, your help would be appreciated to help kickstart this effort. I wanted to set it up in this namespace too, to avoid sprawling out. Could you submit a PR to this repo to initialize a Fedora Docs-friendly AsciiDoc setup?

There are some existing templates in the repo now (some which need to be moved to other teams, some we still need). They could become docs themselves too, but for now, feel free to move them around or put them somewhere where AsciiDoc will ignore them.

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3 years ago

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3 years ago

I'm at the 2018 Documentation FAD this week and working to close out this ticket by the end of the week. A lot of progress is made so far, but a few more things remain:

  • CommOps on-boarding guide updated
    • a.k.a. the CommOps/Join wiki page
    • Migrated into our repo to go to documentation, steps updated for 2018 ( #140 )
  • Make your first steps into Fedora
    • a.k.a. the super old "Get bootstrapped!" badges ticket idea
    • Tips and steps to earn basic Fedora Badges to get started in the Fedora community
    • Originally written during FAD ( #139 )
  • Community Blog
    • Originally a wiki page that nobody really remembered anyways (or so I think)
    • Migrated into our repo to go to documentation ( #141 )

More to come. I'm working with @bex today to get a staging instance online. By the end of the week, I hope to have "production" docs online as well as our primary wiki page migrated.

Discussed in 2018-03-19 meeting.

PR #146 closes this. CommOps members are requested to share any feedback in the PR by Wednesday before any feedback will be addressed and the page is merged.

PR #146 is now merged. Closing this issue as complete.

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3 years ago

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