#116 Meeting time reschedule
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The last meetings ( Tuesdays) has very low attendance, maybe a change of the schedules to Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays will have a best attendee rate.

This ticket is for discuss and if necessary convoque to voting a new schedule for the meetings

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I have created a whenisgood poll for the meeting. Please paint over the time that works for you. Also, please make sure you select the right time zone :)

Link to poll : http://whenisgood.net/5cqx8hi

I have the results from the poll. Unfortunately, we don't have a time when everyone can attend.

Here is the result link : http://whenisgood.net/5cqx8hi/results/fb29w34

After discussion in CommOps channel, this time works the best for people who filled the poll.
New meeting time : every Monday 1430 UTC

You can check the meeting time for your timezone here:

Do we have a consesus on this timings? If this time doesn't work for you, please comment before the upcoming meeting.

There are no -1's on mailing list thread. New timings also have been agreed upon in the meeting.
CommOps Meetings will happen every Monday 1430 UTC, starting 25.09

@jflory7 can you update the Fedocal? I don't have the permissions for it. The CommOps wiki is linked to Fedocal.

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