#115 Flock commops hacksession + workshop
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This is a tracker ticket for the CommOps Hacksession and Metrics Workshop.

We are currently gathering ideas on an etherpad : https://etherpad.osuosl.org/metrics-flock-2017

Feel free to add more to it. What more can we do to make the workshop and hack session awesome?

Discussed in 2017-09-13 meeting.

Current status

Flock 2017 happened, and @skamath and I delivered the session there. We mostly focused our discussions around teaching some of the metrics tooling and also discussing the idea of on-boarding new contributors to Fedora infrastructure projects with Fedora Classrooms (thanks @bex and @sayanchowdhury for their help with ideas / brainstorming on this too). For now, we need to get a session report up on the Community Blog and also file new tickets / update old ones based on our discussions at Flock.

Action items

  • @jflory7: Create a session report / summary for the Community Blog

@skamath: Do you think you would have the cycles to work on filing new tickets / updating old ones based on what we covered at Flock?

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CommOps workshop draft ready

A draft describing what happened with the CommOps session at Flock is currently in the CommBlog. See the draft here:

Teaching metrics and contributor docs at Flock 2017

I'm going to try publishing this tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 19th) at 08:30 UTC pending any feedback.

I read the article twice, looks great for me :grinning:

@bt0dotninja Thanks for the feedback. :smile:

Closing ticket as complete. :clapper:

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