#112 Create August 2017 election interview templates for candidates
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As with the last election, create HTML templates for each election type (Council, FAmSCo, FESCo) and send the templates to all candidates at start of campaign period.


There are generic templates available of the interview posts that are used for the Community Blog. In the past, we emailed the HTML versions of these posts to nominees, who can then paste the raw HTML into the Community Blog, edit in their answers, and have it published.

This helps ensure a few things:

  • Simplifies the process for nominees to get their interviews out the door
  • Keeps interviews consistent and using the same template for all nominees
  • Greatly improves the editor review process to make it easier to publish the articles

I've started working on an updated version of these templates to have ready to send out by August 1st, once the questionnaire stabilizes for the interviews. I'll submit a PR with the templates closer to the campaign period.

Once the PR is accepted, @jkurik can send these out to all candidates (or if he's busy / overloaded, I can help do this).



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This was done just now. All candidates for all three election groups should have copies of the template to their @fedoraproject.org addresses. Closed by #113.

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