#101 Monthly metrics for freemedia
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It'll be nice if we (the freemedia team) could generate some metrics on a monthly basis. Just opening this ticket up here as a tracking ticket. I brought it up on the freemedia list already, and a few people do seem to be interested in working on it. We can use this ticket for discussion and updates.

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@ankursinha any updates on this ? Since the freemedia Mailing list is private.

The free-media initiative is on hold while we migrate to Pagure - there's just too much that needs to be redone. Collecting metrics for free-media will not be any different from collecting metrics for any other activity that uses fedmsg.

Please leave this one open - F26 isn't realistic milestone for this with the limited man power we have.

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4 years ago

@ankursinha Just to brainstorm some loose ideas for follow-up later, what do you envision being helpful to understand or know better for Free Media? Are there specific questions that you would like to have answered? We don't have to start collecting this data now given the transition, but it will help us jumpstart this later if we have some of that background.

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4 years ago

Off the top of my head:

  • contributors by region (every release perhaps?)
  • media requested by region and some time frame (over a sliding window of 4 weeks)?
  • tickets accepted - by region and time (per volunteer not necessarily needed, but I reckon it'll be required to total up regional stats)
  • tickets rejected (duplicates/no replies/invalid addresses)

My personal goals are:

  • have metrics to gauge performance (of course)
  • have metrics to publish to inform the community of performance (and encourage folks to help out, i.e., marketing)
  • be able to measure how different regions are doing and leverage resources accordingly,
  • lastly, measure how individual contributors are doing. Given that volunteers access private information, the membership of free media is slightly more strict than most other Fedora groups.

I hope this makes sense. :)

@ankursinha Do you know what the status of FreeMedia is right now?

It's inactive. We don't have the man power to migrate to Pagure, and I don't have the cycles myself.

@ankursinha Understandable. In that case, I'm going to close this ticket and we can re-open it if FreeMedia is able to re-launch in the future. Thanks for clarifying.

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