#9 Better than just (only) answer technical questions
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Since my first days as a member of my local university, some professors asking for GNU / Linux / Network computer design, Fedora and Ubuntu was our main options.

The fedora has a advantage in Cutting-edge technology, Fedora is wide spread in the industry and the fedora documentation is the best but we haved real problem with a very famous proprietary network simulator.
After a few days of searching, encourage me to ask in #fedora over IRC, Ben was the first person in answer me, he has a lot of patience and he know how to guide a person for the correct path. even after i resolve my question (and learn a lot) I saw a while how Ben answered another questions because I'm still feel than a "thanks" is not enough.

He pointed another person to WCIFF, I just followed the link and that is the history of how i did my first step to becoming a Fedora contributor.

Many Thanks Ben.

P.D: We already have 5 "Fedora powered labs".

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