#16 You know than you can do it
Opened 6 months ago by bt0dotninja. Modified 6 months ago

About you

  • Preferred name: Alberto Rodriguez bt0dotninja
  • Remain anonymous?: No

About your story

  • Who is your story about?: [name(s) of who story is about] Radka Janek

  • What is/are their FAS username(s)?: rhea

My contributor story

Radka is a very strong and determined woman. Once she chair a CommOps meeting and she asked for help writing some documentation, actually I'm very shy and I'm not a native english speaker so this kind of activities are challenging and cause me a little bit of fear.

At first nobody taked this activity, and rhea just use the amazing IRC command "/me"

rhea is staring at bt0
rhea: bt0 you know than you can do it

So I did take the activity and I did relatively well, since that day I take the activities than i can handle even with a little bit of fear.

Thanks Rhea.

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