#10 Becoming part of Fedora family because of her!
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  • Preferred name: Chhavi

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  • Who is your story about?: Bee
  • What is/are their FAS username(s)?: bee2505

My contributor story

It is so rare to find someone who not only tells you how to start but also sticks around to ensure you make it. Bee is one such lovely person. Through her commendable mentorship, and friendly nature I found myself part of the Fedora family. She helped me get started with Fedora badges, and then later be a part of Fedora Diversity Team. Her skills of summing up any discussion into action points and encouraging newbies is something I have learned from her. I absolutely love being a part of Fedora and she has a huge part in helping me to get to know this family. Keep on the good work Bee, we love you :)

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