#38 Problems with dummy-testing package multi-builds in CI, had to create issue manually
Opened a year ago by asaleh. Modified 8 months ago

Could not reproduce locally, might be a issue with kerberos?

13:19:10 - Creating a bodhi update                                                                    [DONE]
13:19:10 - Retrieving update created from https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/?builds=dummy-test-package-crested-0-2405 
13:34:12 - Update for dummy-test-package-crested-0-2405 not created within 15 minutes                 [FAILED]
13:34:12 - Update None created : https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/None                          [DONE]
13:34:12 - Retrieving koji tags
13:49:27 - Retrieving koji tags: ['f34-build-side-35507'] found while expected ['signing-pending', 'testing-pending'] [FAILED]
Ran for 4434 seconds (73.90 minutes)
Tests failed with: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'logs'
<class 'AttributeError'>
(<class 'AttributeError'>, AttributeError("'NoneType' object has no attribute 'logs'"), <traceback object at 0x7ff034d92fa0>)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/monitor_gating-0.0.1-py3.7.egg/monitor_gating/runner.py", line 125, in schedule
    output_text = "\n".join(monit_utils.logs)
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'logs'

Metadata Update from @patrikp:
- Issue tagged with: Placeholder Tag

8 months ago

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