#59 Determine the topic and format used for messages emitted from rpminspect results
Opened 11 months ago by tflink. Modified a month ago

I'm working on a system to run rpminspect on all Fedora builds and I'm unclear on what the messages coming out of this system should look like.

  1. What topic should be used? org.centos.prod.ci.pipeline., org.fedoraproject.prod.ci. etc.
  2. Is it more important to re-use code from the existing pipelines or to adhere to the messaging standards

@pingou @bowlofeggs

I think it is more questions to Fedora Infrastructure.

We want to use messages according to the standard defined in fedora-ci/messages.

And we expect bodhi and resultsdb to work with this standard.

But the patch to implement these messages for dist-git tests pipeline is still pending because resultsdb-updater doesn't read the messages correctly.

I filed an issue for fedora-infrastructure to provide the information:


There has been some message schema/topic guidance added to that ticket. Are we waiting for more information before making a decision on the topic/schema to use for the rpminspect setup?

@tflink Given that we have it running over at http://fedora-build-checks.apps.ci.centos.org/, I assume we're good to go here? Also, if possible, maybe drop some details in here and then we can close it out?


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