#22 Deleting extra Merch Hero Charge
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@@ -124,13 +124,15 @@

      NA:Q3:Postage                   -$37.84


  2016-07-26    DVDs - Merch Hero

-     ; Payment: Direct      

+     ; Ticket: https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/152

+     ; Payment: US23151    

      Expense:Swag:DVDs       $2048.80

      NA:Q2                 -$2048.80


- 2016-11-03    DVDs - Merch Hero

+ 2017-01-10    DVDs - Merch Hero

      ; Ticket: https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/158

-     ; Payment: PO 25027    

+     ; Payment: 

+     ; Payment was to be by PO but shifted to CC (bex) and is still in progress

      Expense:Swag:DVDs       $2048.80

      NA:Q4                 -$2048.80

@@ -139,11 +141,6 @@

      Expense:Unknown      $128.93

      NA:Q1    -$128.93


- 2016-08-30   Purchase Requisition 23151 for Madriaga, Jennifer 2,028.25 USD, Vendor/Location :MERCH HERO/Salt Lake - US23151

-     ; Payment: US23151    

-     Expense:Unknown      $2028.25 ; Fedora CDs for Ambassadors

-     NA:Q2    -$2028.25


  2016-08-30   Jon Disnard Ambassador attending OSCON for Fedora - US914382

      ; Payment: US914382    

      Expense:Unknown      $1248.04 ; Cost transfer - internal RHT employee attending OSCON for Fedora ambassadors.

nb identified that one our charges was duplicated

@award3535 can you approve this change?

@nb has identified a duplicated merch hero charge. If you look at the "Files Changed" tab you'll see the modifications.

So the one in red is to be deleted?

@award3535 yes, red lines are deleted and green lines are added. I moved the PO number to the charge we are keeping. I also updated the other merch hero charge with its current status.

Then all you need me to do is say the words "I approve" correct

Then all you need me to do is say the words "I approve" correct

yep or you can hit the green Merge button and save hte changes.

@award3535 Is this ok to do? If so, please write "I approve" You can then hit the green merge button. If the merge button is orange/yellow or you don't wnat to click it, just ping me.



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@award3535 I am merging this and hoping that your statement above was really approval.


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