#21 Installer's installation progress UI immediately reaches 100%, only on Btrfs
Closed: Fixed 11 months ago by ngompa. Opened 2 years ago by chrismurphy.

When the root file system is btrfs, soon after clicking Begin Installation, the progress UI percentage goes from 0% to 100% within a few seconds. The progress bar remains around 1/4. On ext4, the progress is fairly incremental.

In ancient times, I talked to some Microsoft engineers who specialized in progress indicator UI/UX. They said it was a really difficult problem, full of compromises. :) The macOS installer is notorious for having a countdown timer estimate that is batshit wrong 100% of the time. The main goal is not to be accurate, but to indicate merely that progress is being made, and that the task isn't stalled/frozen. It's also nice to indicate "yeah you can go do something else for a while" suggesting the installer values the user's time.

There's probably better research on this these days.

Progress bar has been broken for a very long time, not related to btrfs. Screenshot pack here: https://pagure.io/fedora-workstation/issue/48#comment-621936

I think there's more than one thing going on, so I while the Btrfs behavior is a little different, overall there is an issue with progress indication. Since it's not really Btrfs specific, close this? If not, go ahead and reopen.

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2 years ago

Hi everyone, please if you want to re-open here file this to bugzilla. That is our main tracker of Anaconda issues.

And yes, you are correct it's not ideal state. Our current implentation works in a way that each task (configuration bootloader, storage creation, package installation) is taken as step so it move the progress bar. AFAIK we are not really making it more fine gainer control. We have some plans to improve this state by creating weights and giving possibility to have more steps for one task but it's not really a priority right now.

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11 months ago

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