#2 libvirt needs to create VM images with nodatacow attribute on them
Closed: Fixed a year ago by ngompa. Opened a year ago by ngompa.

It's generally recommended by upstream Btrfs developers to set nodatacow using chattr +C on the containing directory for VM images or by having image files created with the attribute set from the beginning. This avoids painful performance issues and extreme fragmentation caused by CoW happening in the disk image file itself as well as on the backing filesystem.

This is a stub for RHBZ#1855000.

This was implemented by @berrange in libvirt version 6.6.0, in which storage pools backed by Btrfs automatically have nodatacow set by default.

However, this cropped up an issue for non-Btrfs backing stores (RHBZ#1870197), which is being addressed.

Metadata Update from @ngompa:
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a year ago

Metadata Update from @ngompa:
- Issue tagged with: Dev

a year ago

I can confirm that GNOME Boxes and virt-manager set chattr +C on their respective enclosing directories as expected.
Also updated RHBZ#1855000

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a year ago

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