#18 Support simple configuration of system snapshotting with full system rollback support
Opened 2 years ago by ngompa. Modified 2 months ago

Right now, it's easy enough to set up automatic snapshotting with Snapper triggered by the DNF Snapper plugin.

However, that in itself is not the complete story for this feature to be useful. Some work will be needed to align the capability with the bootloader team's efforts to unify on the Bootloader Spec.

Finally, it also needs to be straightforward to enable, as it is unlikely to be shipped active out of the box.

Talking to @dbrandonjohnson today led me down the path again on this and I remembered that we can probably use Boom for this. We need a DNF plugin to trigger snapshot creation similar to what Snapper does, though.

Brandon expressed interest in developing this within the context of CentOS Hyperscale and also bringing this into Fedora too.

See centos-sig-hyperscale/sig#111

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