#771 Add badge for converting to Btrfs
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+ %YAML 1.2

+ ---

+ # This badge is a manually-awarded badge.


+ # This is some metadata about the badge

+ name:           I converted to btrfs!

+ description:    You helped Fedora test Btrfs before it became the default!

+ creator:        mattdm


+ # This is a link to the discussion about adopting this as a for-real badge.

+ discussion:     https://pagure.io/fedora-badges/issue/753


+ # A link to the image for the badge

+ image_url:      https://badges.fedoraproject.org/pngs/disk-btr-yum.png


+ # That's us!

+ issuer_id:      fedora-project


+ # Since this is manually awarded, define empty trigger criteria.

+ # The expectation is that this will never fire, since all messages

+ # have a non-null topic name.

+ trigger:

+   topic: null


+ # The criteria doesn't really matter here.  We really only care about the

+ # trigger above.  Unfortunately, the spec for these rules requires that we have

+ # *some* criteria, so we'll just leave a silly thing here.

+ criteria:

+   datanommer:

+       filter:

+         topics:

+         - "%(topic)s"

+         users:

+         - "%(msg.person.nickname)s"

+       operation: count

+       condition:

+         greater than or equal to: 1


+ recipient: "%(msg.person.nickname)s"

file added
The added file is too large to be shown here, see it at: svgs/disk-btr-yum.svg

The badge title and description were written by @mattdm,
and the artwork is courtesy of @duffy.

This badge is intended to be manually awarded, but having a rules
file makes it much easier to populate it rather than doing so by hand...

Closes #753

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I pushed just the art since I have never tried creating a yaml badge without a rule before. I'd rather do it the regular way.