#741 Update current eol versions for you-can-pry-it-from-my-cold-undead-hands
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@@ -8,12 +8,12 @@ 

  issuer_id:      fedora-project


  # Here we award the badge if the user pushes a commit to a branch that is in our blacklist

- # TODO -- we have to add .fc20 when it goes EOL.

+ # TODO -- we have to add .fc30 when it goes EOL.

  # https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/End_of_life_SOP#Badges_tasks



    - topic:  prod.git.receive

-   - lambda: "msg.get('msg', {}).get('commit', {}).get('branch', None) in ['f27', 'f26', 'f25', 'f24', 'f23', 'f22', 'f21', 'f20', 'f19', 'f18', 'f17', 'f16', 'f15', 'el5']"

+   - lambda: "msg.get('msg', {}).get('commit', {}).get('branch', None) in ['f29', 'f28', 'f27', 'f26', 'f25', 'f24', 'f23', 'f22', 'f21', 'f20', 'f19', 'f18', 'f17', 'f16', 'f15', 'el5']"


  # This is boilerplate to make the fedbadges daemon happy


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Thanks for catching this @dreua! Looks good to me. Merging. :clapper:

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